Thread: 504-689-9452 Alluring Babe


Thread: 504-689-9452 Alluring Babe

I believe that the location is the first part to create great ambiance which usually translates into the beginning of a great session. Sunday night, after a long day at the office, called to book her for 45min session. I told her it was my time so after my shower she beckoned me to the room. When I arrived she gave me a warm welcome right off the bat. Any awkward feeling you might get when you walk through the door was gone instantly. So after getting acquainted with some conversation she gives me a massage and it was fantastic. Very good technique. Not a clock watcher, and fantastic attitude towards the session overall. One classy looking girl. Was completely attentive and focused on delivering an exceptionally satisfying experience. There is just something about this lady that really turns my crank. Girl is great!! she’s a definite repeat. If you haven’t had the pleasure, you should give her a try. I took a moment to just admire her body and her pretty bum. The nicest lips and most delicate hands. At points in time, I lost track of who I was. Without getting into too much detail, it was an evening for me to remember. The girl has an angelic appearance but she certainly knew how to make me feel really good. I think overall this session was by far the best of my short hobby experience. She absolutely rocked my world on this night and I know it helps that I just dig her. She’s a terrific girl and if you be nice and treat her well look out because the reward will leave you breathless (YMMV of course). She is wonderful. I was pleasantly surprised when she opened the door. She is very welcoming and makes you feel right at home. She has good height with a very pretty face and her body is quite toned with a nice pair of tits.

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